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HP-9v2 Blade Keeps Moving?  


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20/11/2020 12:18 am  

The cap on the HP-9v2 just can’t provide enough pressure to keep the blade from moving from side to side. I tried to tighten the thumb screw on the cap but the iron still moved during planing. What's the fix?


Two things that might be happening here.
The first would be that the orange knob on the locking mechanism is not adjusted (tighten) enough. One trick for this is to lift the clamping mechanism up and then add a 1/4 turn then lock it back down. Double check to see if the blade still cant (or shifts) and go from there.
The second thing that could be done is tighten the screw that is located underneath the two micro adjusters (thumb screws). If you loosen and remove the backlash adjusters, then you'll see a socket head screw underneath that allows the iron to pivot. Tightening this up will help keep the blade from moving side to side.