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Harvey Woodworking GyroAir G-700 FAQs

What are the specifications for G-700? 


What size is the inlet for G-700?

  • 6″ or 150 mm

What is the power requirements for G-700?

  • 220 V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz
  • Recommended breaker: 20 Amp

What is the plug used on G-700?

  • NEMA 6-20P

What is the horsepower/wattage of the G-700?

  • The G-700 is 2 HP or 1.5 kW

What type of pressurized system is the G-700? Positive or Negative pressure?

  • The G-700 is a positive pressure system. This means that the dust is pull (negative pressure) at the inlet prior to the impeller, then the dust is pushed (positive pressure) through the separators & filters. 

Who makes/manufactures the motor for the G-700?

How do I turn ON/OFF my G-700 dust collector? 

  • To turn the machine ON/OFF, you will need to turn the switch located at the back of the machine. 

How do I startup my G-700 dust collector?

  • In order to start the dust collector, turn the machine ON via the switch at back of machine. Upon the initial startup, the machine should beep once then you should see a frequency reading at the front display (usually 1 digit should by flashing). With remote, press the ON button to start the machine. To manually start the machine with front panel, then you’ll need to override the remote controls (see question below).

Why can I not turn on the G-700 with “green” button at the front of the machine?

  • Answer: The key FOB remote bypasses the front panel’s “Start/Green” button.
    • In order to start the G-700 from the front panel (manually), simply press the “hand” button located at the front panel. You’ll see the same icon show up on the display (at top right corner). This will allow you to start the machine manually. 
    • In order to switch back to the key FOB remote, press the “hand” button twice. The icon (on the display) will “flash/blink” on the first press, then disappear on the second press.

Why can’t I increase the frequency/speed of my G-700?

  • The speed or frequency can only be changed while the machine is operational (running). When the machine is running, simply turn the knob clockwise or counter-clockwise to increase/decrease the frequency (or speed) of the machine. DO NOT PRESS the knob as that cycles between different readouts.  

What is the weird/strange “whining” noise made at start up on the G700? Is that normal?

  • The high pitch “whining” noise that is generated by the VFD (Variable Frequency Driver) and motor. This is perfectly normal and it should go away as the machine gets to higher RPM. 

Are there run time requirements on how many times I can turn on and off the unit while working?

  • This machine uses Siemens V20 inverter and motor. It can operate long hours without any issues, even with intermittent start and stops. We have these machines used in production type environments, so it has been been field tested to withstand long hours of usage.

Will it support 2” hoses or will suction be so small it can’t provide enough static pressure?

  • The G-700 can support 2″ hose however it is not ideal due to the low static pressure so you would not experience good “suction” especially at long distances. This is the main differences between something like a vacuum (Low Volume, High Pressure) versus a dust collector (High Volume, Low Pressure). Hope this makes sense!

Why is there a grate/grill at the inlet? Can I remove it?

  • The grate or “grill” at the inlet is to prevent anything from damaging the impeller. This is a safety precaution and we recommend that you do not remove it. 

How much dust can the dust bin hold? What is the capacity of the dust bin?

  • The dust bin is 32 gallons (approx 120 L) total. The large bin is 24 gal (approx. 90 L) and the small bin is 8 gal (approx 30 L). 

How do I know when my dust bin is full?

  • The G-700 has a sensor (located at top of large bin) that will sense when dust bin is full. The buzzer will go off to alert you that the bin is full. If the machine is not turned off and emptied, then the machine will automatically stop (after 1 min) and display an F85 code. Empty out the bin and cycle the power to reset the code to resume normal operations.

How do I empty my dust bins?

  • If machine is running, then stop machine before emptying bin.
  • Open and lower the front door panel.
  • Unlatch the bin handles and pull bin out. Bins should ride on the door panel rails.
  • Carefully remove dust bags/liners and replace with empty liners.
  • Slide bin back into place after changing out bags and re-latch handle.
  • Close and lock front door panel and resume operations as normal.

Why are there 2 dust bins for the G-700?

  • The G-700 utilized a 2 stage separation prior to the filters. The 1st stage separates the larger dust particles (such as chips), while 2nd stage separates finer dust. By doing this, it reduces the amount of dust particles reaching the filters which would clog and reduce overall performance of a dust collector. 

Can I purchase more than one remote?

  • Yes, we do sell individual remotes separately (not the kits).

What is the MERV or HEPA rating of your filters or microns it captures?

  • MERV 17 or 0.3 micron filters

What is the warranty on the G-700 dust collector?

Do you sell replacement filters?

Do you sell replacement dust liners/bags?

Updated on April 6, 2021

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